NSR Black and WhiteWe the people…The New Soul Republic (NSR) would like to welcome you to the Official Website for the band. This music is the definition of the new vintage. It all started with two friends jamming together and then performing around the DC area. The writing, production, and performances are a worldwide movement that started right here in Washington DC, and began to spread to Europe, Asia, and we hope, the whole world! The rest, as they say, is the future! of history.
The Sound
NSR is a genre defying mix of grooving pockets, rumbling bass lines, slick chords, and silky leads. We like to call the genre Soul Fusion. One minute you’ll be driving to a rockish joint, the next minute you’ll be kicked back relaxing to some groovy soulistic fetish. It’s a blend of soul, rock, and blues chords fused with other genres of music. NSR writes and plays whatever and however they feel. You could call it a reincarnation of soul; the intention is to bend the beats and basslines to their will in a display of music they feel comes straight out of their lives, straight out of the Soul.
The Album
From the beginning of time human kind has been using music as an art form, and to communicate everything from joy and sadness, to love, hope, and madness. Soliliqies of lust, anger, broken hearts, liberty, and wild moments on the dance floors of the planet have been echoed through time for centuries. The New Soul Republic just wants to be a part of that timeless echo. As we are recording our concept LP, we’ve just kept all that in mind and stuck to our guns to just dedicate ourselves to putting down some really original music, being innovative and new, and exploring the extent of our creativity. We’ve worked hard to develop our sound and we hope you dig it. Since we’re relatively new to the industry, we also appreciate any constructive criticism that might help us on our journey.

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