Lennon English

Lennon English is a singer, songwriter, and musician living in Washington DC. He calls the music he creates “Soul-Fusion”; a genre-defying mix of eclectic metaphors over deep rumbling basslines. It is the god child of soul, funk, hip-hop, rock, and electronic.

Lennon English was born and raised  in Flint, Michigan. He began singing at the age of four and began playing musical instruments at the age of twelve. It was at this time he was exposed to old school rhythm and blues, jazz, and classical music and discovered his talent for instrumental music. As he became exposed to more types of music, this gift enhanced and he began learning to play several different instruments simultaneously. Over time his musical curiosity, as well as global travel to Europe, Africa, and Asia, exposed him to even more genres of music he’d never experienced such as rock, fusion, techno, jazz, reggae, samba, salsa, afrobeat, and others.

Eventually Lennon began developing his own sound, “Soul-Fusion”, and 60mhz was born out of a crazy bet with his brother. He describes his music style as a soulish funk with a rock-electronica edge. It’s definitely something new.  Follow the light…

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